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Main Stations

Cleaning stations including pump for pressure, and option for extra satellites. The frequency controlled pump makes 20 bar + inlet pressure max. 25 bar, and is designed for up till 4 users.

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Mainstation for up till 4 users.

Includes the new Duo Block with the corona technology and the Hybrid 3 year waranty plan.The cover is all stainless steel.




Hybrid Foamatic

PLC controlled automatic cleaning unit

Hybrid Foamatic is a complete unit for automatic cleaning. 

The main station includes a frequency controlled pump. 

Made in a unique and compact design, Hybrid Foamatic fits into all production areas where automatic cleaning is needed. 


Hybrid Foamatic MS Nilfisk front closed 


Pegasus(Not for EMEA) 

Mainstation for up till 4 users. Includes the new Duo Block with Corona technology. Comes with a ABS cover



Foto Pegasus BW4 


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