Hybrid Penta

Nilfisk FOOD Hybrid Penta is a highly flexible, quick and safe to use satellite, allowing four cleaning functions through just one outlet.


Nilfisk FOOD Hybrid Penta pre-diluted satellite has just one outlet for up to four cleaning functions, making the cleaning process quicker and safer for the end-user.

All functions are selected through just one change-over handle adding to the user-friendliness of the satellite.
Hybrid Penta is also available for up to five cleaning functions where the fifth function will have its own separate outlet.

Hybrid Penta is to be connected to Phoenix Mix Stations and Hybrid Booster, and is highly recommended for Food & Beverage production plants with high safety standards, where concentrated chemicals are not allowed inside the production areas.


Unique features

Pre-diluted detergents are pumped from a central location to the satellite ensuring no concentrated products in the production area and uniform concentration all over.
Corona Technology​

The CoronaTechnology air system – patent pending – is a completely new construction that sets standards within the cleaning industry. Thanks to this system the air is injected into the water stream over a bigger surface and at a higher speed. The result is a better mix of air, compound and water that generates approx. 20% more foam.
Technical specifications
Pipe dimension inlet Ø 1/2"
Pipe dimension outlet Ø 1/2"
Min. pressure of water supply 12 bar
Max. pressure of water supply 40 bar
Max. temperature of water supply 70°C*
Pre-diluted detergent flow 6-8 l/min.
Number of products 2-4
Construction (block) PPS
Weight 7,5 kg
530mm x 400mm x 140mm

Models available
Model Description Article no.
SU21-PD22 Hybrid Penta, 2 outlets, 2 locally picked up products (1 x foam, 1 x spray), 2 pre-diluted products (2 x foam), Rinse function 110006002
SU11-PD22 Hybrid Penta, 1 outlet, 1 locally picked up product (1 x foam), 2 pre-diluted products (2 x foam), Rinse function 110006003
SUPD22 Hybrid Penta, 1 outlet, 2 pre-diluted products (2 x foam), Rinse function 110006004
SUPD32 Hybrid Penta, 1 outlet, 3 pre-diluted products (2 x foam, 1 x spray), Rinse function 110006005
SUPD22 DW Hybrid Penta, 1 outlet, 2 pre-diluted products (2 x foam), Rinse function, Dual Water - two separate water inlets 110006006
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