Mainstation, Hybrid

The Hybrid Mainstation is a complete hygiene station offering all the required functionalities for professional cleaning of exterior surfaces in the Food & Beverage industry.


Nilfisk FOOD Mainstation Hybrid operates in three modes allowing rinsing, foaming and disinfecting of the cleaning areas. Integrated in the block patent pending Corona Technology injects air into the water stream over a bigger surface and at a higher speed, resulting in better mix of air, compound and water that generates approx. 20% more foam. 

Thanks to the integrated water outlet it can be used effectively as a standalone cleaning station, but it can also be equipped with additional satellites allowing max. 4 simultaneous users on one unit.
The Hybrid main station is smart and self-protecting as it has an integrated dry run protection and automatic turn-off mode, after a specific periof  of inactivity (that is defined and programmed by the customer).
The unit is also energy efficient thanks to the configuration possibility of the water pump.

Unique features
Corona Technology​

The CoronaTechnology air system – patent pending – is a completely new construction that sets standards within the cleaning industry. Thanks to this system the air is injected into the water stream over a bigger surface and at a higher speed. The result is a better mix of air, compound and water that generates approx. 20% more foam.
DuoFoam Technology​
The new injector block has the capacity for two different compounds at only one outlet, which makes it very easy and safe to change from one product to another. Patent pending.
MIX, Double Injection Technology
The unique system is prepared for the injection of an extra booster compound
into the DuoFoamTechnology block, which takes the cleaning effect into a whole new level.
Technical specifications
Pipe dimension inlet Ø 1 1/4" 
Pipe dimension outlet Ø 1 1/4" 
Pump pressure 20 bar
Max. operational pressure 25 bar (20 bar + inlet pressure)
Operational flow range 10-120 l/min
Min. inlet pressure 2 bar @ 120 l/min
Max. inlet pressure  8 bar
Max. supply temperature 70°C
Compressed air supply  
Min. pressure of air supply  6 bar
Max. pressure of air supply 10 bar
Power consumption 5,5 kW
Nom. current 14,2 A
Security of electrical wiring 16 A
Supply voltage 3/PE 400 Vac +-10%
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Electrical cable; L1, L2, L3, PE 4 x 2.5 mm2
Nozzles (recommended)  
Rinsing nozzle 25/30
Foam nozzle 50/200
Spray nozzle 40/30
Number of products 2
Construction (block) Stainless steel
IP class IP55
Max. hose length (recommended) 30 m
Sound level ISO 11202 Below 70 dB
Weight 112 kg
Dimensions H x W x D 1310 x 560 x 400 mm
Models available
Model Desciption Article no.
MU421 2 products- & 1 air injector, rinse/foam/spray 110003445
MU422 2 products- & 2 air injectors, rinse/foam/foam 110003446
Product related service information
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Product related FAQ's

Product related FAQ's
      The size of the colored chemical limiting nozzles (item no 0614213)?
    Inch mm Color
    .125 3,175 Grey
    .098 2,4892 Black
    .070 1,778 Beige
    .062 1,5748 Red
    .052 1,3208 White
    .040 1,016 Blue
    .035 0,889 Tan
    .028 0,7112 Green
    .025 0,635 Orange
    .023 0,5842 Brown
    .020 0,508 Yellow
    .016 0,5064 Turquoise
    .014 0,3556 purple
    .012 0,3048 Light blue
    .010 0,254 Pink
    Drill to size   Clear

      Why is there water in the supply of chemical?
    The non-return valve for chemicals is dirty.
    Clean or replace the valve.
      Why is there air in the water supply ?
    The non-return valve for water is dirty.
    Clean or replace the valve.
      Why does the green and the red display lamp light up and Im unable to operate the cleaning unit?
    When both the red and the green lamp are turned on when you start your cleaning station, it means that there is an issue with the battery.  

    To solve the problem do the following:

    1. Switch off the main power to the cleaning station  

    2. Wait for 3 minutes (do not turn on the machine within this time)

    3. Press the "left arrow" button and at the same time turn on the main power to the cleaning station (Do the two actions at the same time)

    4. The problems is resolved now; the display is in the "normal mode" and should charge the internal battery

    5. To test: After 15 minutes try to switch off the main power and wait for three minutes, then turn it on again. If the problem is not solved, it means that the display is broken/dead.
      What kind of stainless steel is the manifold made of?
    The manifold is made of AISI 304 steel.
      Are User-packs mounted directly on the cleaning station?
    User packs are mounted below or beside the cleaning station,
    User packs are an accessory and must be ordered seperately.

      Why is the foam quality very thin?
    Ensure sufficient chemical supply. 
    Try changing the type of chemical detergent used. 
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