Nilfisk FOOD launches water fed washing brush

Nilfisk FOOD lintroduces water fed brush for professional cleaning of floors, walls and cold counters in Institutional kitchens and in fresh food departments in Food Retail Stores.

In the water fed brush, a mixture of water and product comes out from each filament bundle and via a nozzle, ensuring constant flow of water to the working areas. The water supply is controlled via spraying gun, that can be simply shut down.

The 1.5 m handle with ergonomic hand grip and standard Nilfisk FOOD stainless steel male coupling, fits to the spray gun on our tap water cleaning stations and it can be mounted and dismounted within seconds

  • Plug and play solution
  • Extra scrub during the cleaning process for superior results
  • Speeds up the cleaning process
  • Reduces the creation of aerosols 
  • Prevents the cleaning personnel from bending down

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