Teat foam units

Innovative teat foam cleaning units ideal for cattle farms or dairies.


The Nilfisk FOOD Innovative Teat Foam cleaning units available in two versions:
  • Portable version ideal for cattle farms with up to 100 cows or dairies, who want to try using foam.
  • Wall mounted version ideal for bigger cattle farms. 

The portable teat foam cleaning unit is a smart unit with dual operation allowing both manual pump up and connection for air supply. The built in pressure relief valve secure safety of the user. 
The 10 l foam tank is in natural color for easy visibility of product levels. 

The wall mounted version consists of a control box, that can handle from 1 up to 20 simultaneous users. The foam applicators available with either 3,5 m or 7 m coiled tube are purchased separately.

Benefits of using the teat foam cleaner:
  • Clean,helth teats less prone to mastits
  • Maximized udder stimulation tht improves the flow of milk

Unique features
Portable version

Compact unit with manual pump
Maximum portability for small jobs and spot cleaning
Comfortable grip handle with trigger for quick on/off control
Pressure relief valve for safety
View stripe for easy visibility of product levels

Wall mounted version

Draws from pre-mixed solution
Powered by compressed air
Quick change pump
With foam applicator assemblies
Technical specifications
Power type F100-TF: Manual
PTF-NV: Air driven
Number of products 1
Capacity F100-TF: 10 l tank
PTF-NV: Local pick up
Requirements PTF-NV: Copressed air 3-5 bar with 99-226 l/min

Models available
Model Description Article no.
T100-TF Teat foam unit 110006254
PTF-NV Wall mounted teat foam unit 110006654
FDC-DA-2 Foam applicator assembly for wall mounted teat unit w. 3,5 m coiled tube 110006655
FDC-DA25-2 Foam applicator assembly for wall mounted teat unit w. 7 m coiled tube 110006656

Additional accessories for wall mounted teat foam unit:
H14TRB 1/4" red/blue twin tube (sold by the foot) 110006657
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