Cleaning and disinfection of food production premises is critical to secure food safety, but have you ever questioned if the cleaning could be done faster to extend the production lines up time?

Have you ever imagined using less detergents and water while cleaning, and improving the hygienic results, so you would save money, and increase food safety?


Extend production uptime?
Save water?
Save detergent?
Better hygienic results?
Food safety?

Nilfisk FOOD challenge and define the future of hygienic cleaning. We are the pioneers of the low-pressure foam cleaning technology and trendsetters within the world of industrial hygiene, specialized in optimizing cleaning processes and food safety around the globe. Being a division of the Nilfisk group we share a century of experience and know-how, which you can trust.

We know that cleaning equipment work under hard conditions in the food industry.

Nilfisk FOOD equipment is engineered to run so you can trust that it works day in, day out, doing the cleaning job faster and smarter than ever before.

Worldwide partners

To find your local distributor, write us on info@nilfiskfood.com

Together with our exclusive network of worldwide partners we enter into a direct dialogue with the end customers operating within the F&B, OEM, Retail and Institutional markets in order to challenge their needs and engineer solutions that meets the specific requirements and deliver much more in the most efficient and cost effective way

Together we take the lead.


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