Drain foaming attachments

Innovative foam cleaning technology for drains with 360° contact along pipe walls for maximum sanitation.


The Nilfisk FOOD drain foaming attachments for disinfecting floor and sink drains give 360° contact along pipe walls with foam. 

Humid and dark environment of drains together with leftover food create a favourable environment for growing pathogens and biofilm. 

Benefits of floor and sink drains disinfection:
  • Prevent food born ilnesses
  • Prevent hospital-acquired infections in the Healthcare sector
  • Odor control
  • Control fruit flies and other pests connected to drains

Unlike liquids, foam expands to contact the entire surface of the pipe in 360°

Unique features
The drain foaming attachments slow down the velocity of the foam and increases its density, resulting in perfect consistency of foam to fill down the drains in 360 degree. 

Unlike liquids, foam expands to contact the entire surface of the pipe, can push past the trap and travel long distances. On top of that, foam breaks down slowly, giving the chemical products longer time to work and do the job. 
Technical specifications
Handle Stainless steel construction
Brush DFA-TR7: Round brush, 18cm Ø
Disc with rubber plug DFA: Stainless steel disc covers drains up to 30.5 cm in diameter.
Rubber stopper plugs drains 9-13 cm in diameter

Models available
Model Description Article no.
DFA-TR7 Drain foaming attachment - trench
Round brush for trench drains
DFA Drain foaming attachment - double
2 in 1 SS disc & rubber stop to plug directly to drains
DFA-SQ13 Drain foaming attachment - square
2 in 1 SS square &rubber stop to plug directly to drains
F1.5L-DP3.75 Pump up foam unit with drain foaming attachment 1.5L  for sink drains 110006253

All drain foaming attachments for floor drains are compatible with Nilfisk FOOD and Foam-iT equipment with pressure 8-25 bar. 

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