Footwear disinfection

Footwear sanitation systems that prevent cross contamination from foot traffic.


The Nilfisk FOOD series of Footwear Sanitation Systems consist of three different models with flexible configuration options to fit any space. Top of the line hygienic solutions with low moisture produced every time a fresh product is sprayed. Perfect for dry plants, labs, other environments where moisture control is important. Prevent crosscontamination from foot traffic in entry ways, transition zones and  HACCP areas.

SS2 model consists of the footwear sanitizing unit. 
SS2-FMH model is delivered together with a durable stainless steel handle that provides stability for users.
SS2-MBS model is the most advanced consisting of stainless steel handle and  manual boot scrubber to remove soils prior to sanitizing.
Each system is delivered together with a 9.5 l chemical jug with quick-connect chemical line fittings and wall bracket. The collection bassins is easy to access or swap out for cleaning. 

The fully pneumaticaly operation station is equipped with an air operated diaphragm pump which delivers a consistent amount of sanitizer (6 ml per spray), and ensures even coverage across shoe soles. The spray amount is consistent regardless of weight/force applied, so there is no variation from one user to another. 


Unique features
Easy-to-use sanitation for entryways and transition zones
Air-operated pump delivers a consistent amount of sanitizer 6ml per spray
Spray pattern ensures even coverage across shoe sole
Collection basin is easy to access or swap out for cleaning
Spray guard prevents overspray
Technical specifications
Compressed air requirements 3-4 bar with 28 l/min
Power type Compressed air
Chemical pick up type Draws from pre-mixed solution
Number of products 1
Suction line length/diameter 0.9 m clear hose ,1/4"
Flow rate* 6 ml
Output volume* 6 ml
Approvals CE
Number of nozzles 4

*Flow rates and output volume given are based on chemical with viscosity of water and factory air pressure settings. 
Models available
Model Description Article no.
SS2 Footwear sanitation system 110006395
SS2-FMH Footwear sanitation system with handle 110006484
SS2-MBS Footwear sanitize system with manual boot scrubber and handle
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