Cleaning and Hygiene Solutions
World Leading Manufacturer of Low Pressure Cleaning Equipment

Meat Industry

We keep your facilities clean so you can bring home the bacon.

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Poultry Industry

Heavy duty equipment thats light as a feather.

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Fish & Seafood Industry

We make cleaning up easy because we know you have bigger fish to fry.

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Dairy Industry

Don’t cry over spilled milk. We made it easy to clean up.

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Brewery & Beverage Industry

Cheers to the extinction of bacteria.

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Retail, Institutional & QSR Market

Looking for a cleaning solution? We have something in store for you.

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All hands to the pump.

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Products by system

No matter what your preference is, we have a cleaning/hygiene solution that is just right for you.
Nilfisk FOODs range of systems is designed to fit any need imaginable. We have a burning desire to boil down your challenges into an easily digestible solution. That is why we have developed multiple systems with multiple properties.