Misting units-Disinfection

Portable or wall mounted misting units perfect for sanitizing industrial closed areas.


The series of Misting units consists of two portable units, with tank capacities of 37 L, and with either two nozzles mounted on the tank or three nozzles mounted on a telescoping mast of max. height of 2.6 m.  

The wall mounted version MU-6-240  can be mounted with up 20 nozzles per one control box, and is equiped with a timer, that delay the start function. 

The wall version is a preferable option if misting is going to be a sanitation step that will be performed often/repetetively at the same location.
The portable versions allow taking the units to different rooms throught a facility, or sanitize trailers, containers located externally. 
The units are practically maintenance free and operation is easy by means of a single adjustment control for compressed air. The hinged back plate provides tool-free access to components. 

Pump seals on all models are as standard made of Santoprene (EPDM). Pump seals with Viton or Kalrez seals are available. 

Unique features
Hinged plate assembly for easy and tool ree access
Semi-transparent tank for easy level determination
Quick pump replacement, no tools required
Inline strainer for debris protection
Optional timer with delay functionality - start unit and leave the room before it begins fogging
Technical specifications
Compressed air 3.4 bar with 198 l/min
Flow rate* MU10N-2: 14L/hour hour at each nozzle
MU10N-3: 14L/hour at each nozzle
MU6-240 with MU-NA-N130 nozzle: 0.23L/min
Droplet size 15 micron at 3.4 bar
Coverage area** 1 liter of solution will cover approx. 28 m3
Coverage pattern (only valid for wall mounted unit) Flat pattern with projection  up to 3 m from nozzle
Run time full tank**
(only valid for portable units)
MU10N-2: Approx. 1.5 hour
MU10N-3: Approx. 1 hour
Number of nozzles MU10N-2: 2 nozzles
MU10N-3: 3 nozzles
MU6-240 - 1- 20 nozzles/control box
Number of products 1
Chemical pickup type Draws from pre-mixed solution
Capacity tank (Portable units) 37 L
Max. water temp. Max. 40°C
Material trolley (Portable units) Polyethylene
Wheel type (Portable units) Non-marking
(W x D x H) 
MU10N-2: 40 x 40 x 104 cm 
MU10N-3: 40 x 40 x 364 cm (incl. max.height of telescoping mast)

* Dilution rates and flow rates given are based on chemical with viscosity of water and factory air pressure settings
** Area covered and run time may vary based on humidity, air flow, and product used. 
Models available
Model Description Article no.
MU-10N-2 Portable misting unit with 2 nozzles 110006314
MU-10N-3 Portable misting unit with 3 nozzles on a telescoping mast 110006315
MU-6-240 Wall mounted misting unit 110006428
MU-NA-N130 Nozzle assembly for wall mounted misting  unit (1 nozzle) 110006429
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