Nilfisk FOOD Pre-diluted mix stations have an accurate pre-mixing of detergents and allows up to 25 simultaneous users.


Nilfisk FOOD Ecolab Pre-diluted mix stations mix detergents with water in a buffer tank located outside of the food production facilities.

The Mix Stations are available in four standard versions all with 200L buffertanks for maximum 10 or 25 simultaneous users, giving 50 or 120L/min at 7 bar. Available in two versions for Alcaline AF or Acid VF detergents.

Both versions have built in digital display showing pressure as well as easy to read warnings and errors. Start and stop functions are entirely pressure controlled. 

Dosing pumps incorporated in the units have a very accurate dosing and can handle dosing between 0,2-2% or 1-5%.


Unique features


Pre-diluted chemicals are pumped from a remote location to the foam equipment, ensuring no concentrated products in the production area and uniform concentration all over.
Digital display

Digital display shows pressure, easy to read warnings and errors.
Technical specifications
Water Mix10 Mix25
Connection type inlet ISO 228/1-G 1 1/2" female ISO 228/1-G 1 1/2" female
Connection type outlet ISO 228/1-F 1 1/4" ISO 228/1-F 1 1/4"
Water flow inlet Min. 60 l/min Min. 150 l/min
Pre-diluted flow outlet (max) 50 l/min 140 l/min
Tank capacity 200 l 200 l
Pump pressure (set point) 8 bar 8 bar
Operational pressure (max) 13 bar 13 bar
Max. water temperature 40°C 40°C
Compressed air supply    
Connection type inlet Ø6 mm push in Ø6 mm push in
Min. pressure of air supply 2 bar 2 bar
Max. pressure of air supply 8 bar 8 bar
Required flow rate 100 Nl/min 100 Nl/min
Power consumption 4,0 kW 4,0 kW
Nom. current 7,6-6,1A 7,6-6,1A
Supply 3/N/PE 380-500V 50/60 Hz 3/N/PE 380-500V 50/60 Hz
Security of electrical wiring 16 A 16 A
Electrical cable: L1, L2, L3, PE 4 x 2.5 mm2 4 x 2.5 mm2
Product adjustment 0,2-5% 0,2-5%
Number of prediluted products 1 1
IP class IP55 IP55
Sound level ISO 11202 Below 70 dB Below 70 dB
Weight 97 kg (empty tank) 100 kg (empty tank)
Dimensions H x W x D 1500 x 1300 x 600 mm 1500 x 1300 x 600 mm

Models available
Model Description Article no.
MIX25 Dosatron 1-5% AF 119000599
MIX 25 Dosatron 1-5% VF 119000598
MIX25 Dosatron 0,2-2% AF 119000597
MIX25 Dosatron 0,2-2% VF 119000596
MIX10 Dosatron 1-5% AF 119000623
MIX10 Dosatron 1-5% VF 119000624
MIX10 Dosatron 0,2-2% AF 119000625
MIX10 Dosatron 0,2-2% VF 119000626
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