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Griff is a smart cleaning station with max. 8 bar pressure designed for rinsing, foam cleaning and disinfection of open surfaces in the food industry.


Nilfisk FOOD Griff is engineered specifically to keep food production departments within Food Retail market, and modern institutional kitchens as clean and hygienic as technically possible. 

Advanced foam technology generated thanks to build in compressor delivers faster and more efficient cleaning. Increased contact time of the detergents with the cleaned objects and the visible proof of cleaning delivers consistent cleaning results all over the plant and real economical savings. 

According to an extensive field research results, Griff generates 22% of labour savings and 57% of water savings vs. traditional foamer.

Griff Mobile is intended to use as a single user cleaning and sanitizing station with three cleaning functions in one centrally located selector switch. The unit is mounted on a trolley giving additional flexibility and mobility.

Unique features
DuoFoam Technology​
The new injector block has the capacity for two different compounds at only one outlet, which makes it very easy and safe to change from one product to another. Patent pending.
High quality chemically resistant o-rings 

High quality chemically compatible Aflas o-rings introduced on components having contact with chemical products.
Tornado rinse nozzle

Included in the accessory kit, patented Tornado rinse nozzle gives higher rinsing impact with 20% less water resulting in better cleaning results and water savings. Flat spray pattern minimizes spread of aerosols in the air. 
Additional 23 cm long lance for better rinsing boost and occupational health prevents the end user from bending down. 
Technical specifications
Water 230V/50 Hz 220V/60 HZ
Connection type inlet ISO 228/1-G 3/4 ISO 228/1-G 3/4
Recommended inlet pipe dimension (min) 3/4" 3/4"
Local outlet 1/2" quick coupler 1/2" quick coupler
Pump pressure 4 bar 5,7 bar
Operational pressure 6-8 bar 6-10 bar
Operational flow range 4-15 l/min 4-15 l/min
Min. inlet pressure 2 bar @ 15 l/min 2 bar @ 15 l/min
Max. inlet pressure 5 bar 4 bar
Max. temperature of water supply 70°C 70°C
Power consumption 0,9 kW 1kW
Nom. current 5 A 8,7 A
Supply 1/PE 230Vac±10 50 Hz 1/PE 220Vac±10 60 Hz
Security of electrical wiring 12 A 12 A
Electrical cable; L1, L2, L3, PE 1,5 mm2 1,5 mm2
Nozzles (recommended)    
Rinsing nozzle 15/12 15/12
Foam nozzle Foam lance 100 mm Foam lance 100 mm
Spray nozzle 15/12 15/12
Number of products 2 2
IP class IP55 IP55
Max. hose length (recommended) 15 m (15 m) 15 m (15 m)
Sound level ISO 11202 Below 70 dB Below 70dB
Weight 43 kg 42 kg
Dimensions H x W x D 1075 x 595 x 710 mm 1075x 595 x 710 mm
Models available
Model Desciption Article no.
Griff Griff unit, 230V/50Hz 110003454
Griff Griff unit, 220V/60Hz 110003519
Griff Griff unit, 110V/60HZ 110006234
Each model is delivered together with the following accessories:
Foam nozzle, 100 mm Stainless steel
Tornado rinse nozzle, 230 mm stainless steel
Chemical pick up hoses (2x) incl. colored chemical limiting nozzles
Standard accessory kit: 110003833
Food grade hose Purflex 15 m  
Trigger gun, FP light  
Inlet hose 2,5 m  
Accessory kit: 110006235
Food grade Flexible hose 15 m  
Trigger gun, FP light  
Inlet hose 2,5 m  
Accessories to mount griff on a trolley:  
Griff trolley SST 110003741
Can holders (2x) for trolley 10 L 110003614
Griff inlet hose 15 m 110003681
Griff trailer for 2x20 L 110004251

Additional accessories:
Drain foaming attachment 110006252
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