Production does not stop. Hygiene is secured.

June 8, 2023

In these times, many supply chains are struggling to get the components to produce. At the same time, the call for hygiene is a top priority.
Cleaning equipment plays a central role in securing the hygiene; therefore, at Nilfisk FOOD we could not let the global shortage stop us from delivering hygienic equipment. 
We had to go beyond the boundaries and ACT to secure the flow in our production. Thanks to our innovative R&D Team Nilfisk FOOD is proud to announce the launch of the newly developed frequency inverter which is the critical component in all boosted equipment. After extensive lab and field tests we are ready to install the new efficient frequency inverter in all Boosters & Mainstations.

Going forward we are able to deliver the units directly from our stock!

Innovation and customer service has always driven us, now it is time to deliver.

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