Best recommendations for Brewery & Beverage industry

Brewery & Beverage

The non alcoholic beverage industry involves manufacturing of soft drink sirup, bottling, canning and boxing of soft drink, water and fruit juices.
The alcoholic beverage industry involves production of beer, wine and distilled spirits. 

Daily challenges

Clean and hygienic production areas are necessary to handle the daily challenges and Nilfisk FOOD low pressure cleaning solutions is the answer.

Open plant surfaces such as filling machines, conveyor belts and floors need to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to achieve maximum chemical and bacteriological cleanliness
Effective dissolving and removal of sugar and yeast and at optimal water temperature
Critical control points must be under strict monitoring and surveillance which necessitates a strict hygiene program using specific chemical detergents and optimal water temperature

Nilfisk FOOD Best Recommendation:

Maximum cleaning effectiveness - Maximum value added benefits  
Automatic System

Regular cleaning should always be carried out immediately after the production batch run, otherwise the sirup or juice will dry and stick to the surfaces, making it more difficult to clean. With the Automatic System, the pre-rinse, rinse, cleaning and disinfection of all open surfaces are conducted automatically and at specific time intervals in accordance with the the cleaning program selected by the customer. 

See more details about Automatic Systems

Boost your cleaning effectiveness:

Additional equipment
Decentralized System: Booster
Simple, quick and effective cleaning with optimal rinse pressure with minimized aerosols at 20-25 bar and with local pick up of chemicals from jerry cans/user packs.

Local system - Mobile unit Hybrid Typhoon
Best for remote areas where the pressurised water line does not reach. 40 bar Hybrid Typhoon recommended for areas where an extra boost is a necessity.