Best recommendations for Fish & Seafood industry

Fish & Seafood

Sector of the food industry that involves processing, preserving, storing and transporting fish and seafood products from commercial fisheries, fish farms, vessels to processing plants.

Daily challenges

Clean and hygienic production areas and fishing vessels are necessary to handle the daily challenges Nilfisk FOOD low pressure cleaning solutions is the answer.

Quick processing that starts when the fish and seafood is harvested from the fish farm
Harmful bacteria present in coastal waters that settle on caught fish and seafood
Water temperature challenges for storing fresh fish that often requires processing on board of the vessel
Effective removal of protein from ”white fish”, and additional oil and grease from ”fat fish”
Unique handling requirements for the ice production and water tanks used to store fish in the production

Nilfisk FOOD Best Recommendation:

Maximum cleaning effectiveness - Maximum value added benefits  
Decentralized System

Two chemical products needed to effectively remove oil, grease, protein and bacteria typical in the fish and seafood industry and to disinfect. Recommended ABS cover in the salt-water environment. Optimal concentration of chemicals due to high flexibility of chemical handling. Simple and quick cleaning.

Boost your cleaning effectiveness:

Additional equipment
Automatic System
Programmable and uniform daily cleaning and disinfection with multiple program options, to fit your specific needs. Best for conveyor belts that require constant cleaning and disinfection and are difficult to clean manually.
Local system - Mobile unit Griff
Best for cleaning remote areas, fishing vessels, where the pressurised water line does not reach.
Local system - Doorway sanitation Cerberus
Censor controlled doorway sanitation stops spreading bacteria and dirt when changing rooms.



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