40 Year Anniversary – Michael Larsen

June 15, 2022

Today we celebrate the 40 year Anniversary of our long and trusted employee Michael V. Larsen.

Michael is one of our very appreciated employees which today 15th June 2022 has been with Nilfisk for 40 years.

Congratulations Michael and thank you for your efforts throughout the years.

Michael’s job has evolved a lot since he first started – and he has been working within many different areas like welding, mounting and assembling of products and last but not least electricity work. Furthermore, Michael has been a part of the (SU) Cooperation committee and a union representative in Aalborg for many years representing his colleagues in all matters.

Michael is a very appreciated amongst all colleagues and he is a very important part of our company in general. Daily, he contributes to a good working environment and carries out all assignments to everyone’s satisfaction.

Michael will be celebrated today together with his colleagues with lunch, gifts, and speeches.

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