Smart cleaning and sustainability with Nilfisk FOOD cleaning equipment.

Save water, detergent, and energy, while obtaining the best technically possible hygienic results and food safety in your food production premises.

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Up to 55%*

Overall Cleaning Savings

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*Specific customer case

Nilfisk FOOD’s most innovative technologies:

· Up to 70 % reduced energy consumption*

Our own developed inverter which is solely developed for this purpose saves up to 70 % in standby power.

*Compared to previous Nilfisk Food model and industry standards.

· Up to 22% Reduced downtime*

Due to faster cleaning enhanced by our effective nozzles, constant pressure and reliable equipment we secure our customer the shortest downtime.

*Based upon customer feedback

· Up to 12% Reduced labor costs*

Our highly configurable and intuitive display and our best-in-class technologies like the Tornado Nozzle and Corona Technology facilitates the shortened and efficient cleaning times.

*Based upon customer feedback

· Up to 47 % Reduced water usage*

The improved rinse impact from the ingenious Tornado Nozzle reduces the overall water consumption. A combination of the higher impact and the time save hereof give a significant water usage reduction.

*Compared to industry standard low pressure cleaning systems

· Up to 46% Reduced detergent usage*

All our Hybrid 7 models is equipped with our own developed Hybrid 7 block which features our patented Corona Technology. Corona Technology injects air into the

water and detergent mix in circular streams which gives more foam with less detergent and creates nanobubbles which gives an even more effective cleaning.

*Compared to previous Nilfisk Food model and industry standards.

Up to 70%*

Energy saving on stand by

*Compared to earlier Nilfisk Food models and industry standards.

Our own developed inverter, which is the only inverter in the market solely developed for the Food & Beverage industry.
Units equipped with the Hybrid 7 inverter saves up to 70 % in standby power.

*Compared to previous Nilfisk FOOD models and industry standards.



Higher Cleaning Impact

*Compared to our standard nozzles.

Tornado rinse nozzle increase the rinse impact by 25% on top of the power coming from the equipment.

The rinse impact of the tornado rinse nozzle is equally distributed along the entire pattern compared to the standard nozzle, which has the strongest impact in the middle.  The rinse and pre-rinse process is more efficient, faster and generates less aerosols when using the Tornado nozzle.

Up to 47%*

water savings

*Compared to industry standard low pressure cleaning systems

Less water in, less wastewater

The Nilfisk FOOD patented Rinse Nozzle, aptly named Tornado, is a revolutionary innovation designed to optimize water usage in food-related industries. Its unique design incorporates cutting-edge technology to enhance efficiency and sustainability.

At the core of its functionality lies the ability to bundle and align the water stream, a process that streamlines the flow while generating controlled turbulences within the nozzle. This ingenious engineering ensures that every droplet of water is utilized to its maximum potential, leading to remarkable water savings of up to 47%.

By minimizing water consumption, the Tornado Rinse Nozzle offers a multitude of benefits. Primarily, it significantly reduces the amount of wastewater produced during the rinsing process. This reduction has a cascading effect, as less wastewater generated means a decreased need for resources and energy to treat and purify the water to make it safe for reuse or disposal.

Up to 46%

Detergent Savings

Less detergent. More foam. Longer cling time.

Patented Corona technology air system injects air into the water stream
over bigger surfaces and at a higher speed, resulting in better mix of water, detergent and air.

Thanks to bigger foam volumes with longer cling time, less detergent is required to do excellent cleaning job.

Comparison Test: Hybrid System With Corona Technology Vs. Standard System


Engineered to run

Best in class components, innovative know-how
and patented technologies is the key to our success.

Equipment engineered to run is reliable, secure the best possible hygienic results, cleaning experiences and economical savings.

Nilfisk FOOD has for more than fourty years been setting the standards in the cleaning industry and we are the pioneers of low pressure foam cleaning technology.

Being a division of the Nilfisk group we share a century of experience and know how from developing cleaning and hygiene solutions.

your success is our success

Get most value out of your investment, protect your brand and secure food safety with Nilfisk FOOD equipment that is Engineered to Run.

At Nilfisk FOOD our mantra is “Your success is our success”.

Together with our partners we take the lead and develop standard and customized solutions to optimize the cleaning processes and food safety around the world.

The success of our partners is our success and we value long term trusted relationships.

We share our know-how through online and onsite trainings at our headquarter and at the end customers premises.

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