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1.5 hour longer production uptime.

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What’s in it for Cocio?

  • 1.5 hour longer production uptime
  • Constant, high quality cleaning and hygienic results across the entire production facility
  • Water, energy and detergent savings
  • Employee safety

About Cocio

Cocio was founded in 1951. Specialized in producing beverages like chocolate milk (Cocio), coffee, juice, iced-tea etc.


We will never go back to the manual cleaning method, because we see the benefit of having it automated, and we believe that there is still much to be gained.

- Bo Berg Boesen, Technical Production Manager

Related products

Hybrid Foamatic Mainstation

Nilfisk FOOD Hybrid Foamatic Mainstation is a complete unit for automatic cleaning with up to three different products, giving maximum flexibility of product choice. The unit has a frequency controlled pump, that guarantee an even water flow.  Depending on the model, the PLC can control 9 or 10 external valves. The unit is also available without integrated PLC for connection to external PLC.

As standard, the Hybrid Foamatic comes with a 300 l. injector. Other injector sizes are also available. In- and outlet of the unit is with flanges, enabling easy connection into the piping system. Counter-parts for welding onto pipework of the factory are included as standard.

The optional manual outlet is with Corona Technology.

Nozzle bars & Spray Bar Calculator Tool

Selection of nozzle bars at the right size and amount must match the cleaning equipment’s capacity and the design of the cleaning zone.

The right match will result in the best foam quality and thus the best technically possible cleaning and hygienic results.

Furthermore, with help of our nozzle software, we can guide you through the best positioning of nozzles and nozzle bars on your application, to ensure that the entire area including shadows is best covered and cleaned.

It is a win-win solution both for OEMs who are removing the headache related to nozzle positioning and F&B producers who obtain the best technically possible cleaning results and guarantee of food safety.

Try our Spray Bar Calculator tool,  which can help you calculate the adequate number of nozzles to place across a given spray bar for even and satisfactory coverage of the belt width.



Automated Cleaning

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