What's in it for food and beverage producers?

"We will never go back to manual cleaning again, because we see a lot of benefits of having the cleaning automated, and there is still much more to come...."

Bo Berg Boesen

Why automated cleaning equipment?


Case study - automated cleaning equipment


Cleaning time savings


The future of the Food and Beverage industry is intelligent factories that ensure the highest efficiency, flexibility, quality, and sustainability. Nilfisk FOOD’s automated cleaning equipment helps to realize it.

The automated cleaning process is 75% faster (compared to the manual cleaning method), while delivering high quality hygienic and cleaning results, even in shadow areas, thus securing Food safetyWater, detergent and energy consumption are also significantly decreased, helping companies to set ambitious sustainability goals. As of today, sustainability is still an option at some companies, but it is a matter of time, when the legal requirements will get changed.

1.5 hour/daily shorter cleaning time  also significantly decreases labour costs.

Automated cleaning processes, not only decrease expenses, but at the same time increase earnings and benefits. 

Extended uptime, means longer production uptime and profits. Employee safety is secured “By removing the users from detergents and heat resulted in reaching at a Dairy producer 2000 working days without an occupational accident” (Cocio case study).

Lifetime of the food producing equipment is also prolonged with the low pressure foam cleaning technology – read more about it in here.

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116 years of experience & know how

Nilfisk Group offers more than 116 years of experience developing innovative cleaning solutions to businesses and consumers around the world.

Nilfisk FOOD’s expertise is lower pressure foam cleaning technology operating at 5 – 25 Bar /72 – 362 Psi pressure.

Technology that is tested and proved over 39 years to satisfy needs for effective and sustainable cleaning in the FOOD and BEVERAGE industry.

We enter into long term partnerships with global OEM’s, and together, we define solutions that meet the specific requirements and deliver much more in the most efficient and cost effective way. Read more about us.

Foam technology on automated cleaning equipment


Foam technology- how does it work?


Optimized for food and beverage

This summer entering into industry 4.0

Depending on customers’ time available for cleaning, application type, and capacity of customers’ existing equipment, we offer various models of Automated and Open Plant Cleaning equipment to best match cleaning needs and utilize existing ressources.

Our offer starts at a Basic Mainstation with lower water flow, connected to customers’ controller, to the fully featured Hybrid 7 mainstation with higher water flows, Inverter, built in Multicontroller, Software, PLC and much more.

The Hybrid 7 range will be fully launched this summer, and will open the door to industry 4.0 by digitalizing the cleaning industry.

Each model is engineered with focus on precision, robust construction, and is made from the most innovative components to cope with challenges of the Food and Beverage industry.

The equipment will continue to perform, and F&B producers will continue to benefit from it for decades to come’


Sustainable cleaning


Sustainable and low-emitting cleaning equipment that enable water, detergent and energy savings are essential to combat climate change.

In 2010 Nilfisk committed to the ten principles of the UN Global Compact and today the company discloses performance through several internationally recognized providers of sustainability ratings.

In 2022 the Nilfisk Group received the Gold EcoVadis Sustainability rating. Read more about our Sustainable actions.


Easy set up

New or retrofitting installations

Each automated cleaning equipment is to be installed on new filler lines, freezers, conveyor belts, smoking chambers, poultry production lines, or it can be retrofitted into existing installations.

Upgrading existing installation helps to get the best out of every application, so everyone can benefit from the newest cleaning technologies and improve food safety. Read more about applications best suited for the automated cleaning method.



Nozzle selection and positioning

3 d positioning of nozzles and nozzle bars

Selection of nozzle bars at the right size and amount must match the cleaning equipment’s capacity and the design of the cleaning zone.

The right match will result in the best foam quality and thus the best technically possible cleaning and hygienic results.

Furthermore, with help of our nozzle software, we can guide you through the best positioning of nozzles and nozzle bars on your application, to ensure that the entire area including shadows is best covered and cleaned.

It is a win-win solution both for OEMs who are removing the headache related to nozzle positioning and F&B producers who obtain the best technically possible cleaning results and guarantee of food safety.

Trusted by the world's leading oem's

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