Best cleaning tips in the energy crisis

November 28, 2022

Save energy while cleaning

In these turbulent times, the prices of energy are skyrocketing, forcing many food and beverage producers to find ways to consume less energy. 

At the same time, the Food and Beverage producers aim to:

  • Perform better and grow faster
  • Optimize output while driving costs down
  • Meet the highest global food quality and safety standards

Cleaning is an inevitable, every day process playing an important role in securing food safety. Energy is not only used to run the cleaning equipment itself but is also used to heat up water, that is used for cleaning.

Cleaning equipment from Nilfisk FOOD enable Food and Beverage producers to meet the demand for higher efficiency, flexibility, quality, all by saving on energy, water, and chemistry.

Read our blog to save on energy, without compromising food safety.

Run the cleaning equipment at the optimal pressure.

The pressure of the equipment must be adjusted to best clean the kind of dirt, the food and beverage producer is dealing with.

Do not decrease the water pressure only to save on energy. That is just one side of the coin!

The Sinner Circle for Cleaning Out of Place, consists of four main areas: Temperature, Time, Mechanical action, and Chemistry.

A decrease of water pressure (mechanical action), requires compensation in other areas, to guarantee the best technically possible hygienic and cleaning results, and food safety.   

Sinner Circle of Open Plant Cleaning

Where to compensate?

By decreasing the pressure (for example from 25 bar to a lower value), the food and beverage producer would save on energy, BUT the total bill paid will be higher, taking into consideration the consequences of cleaning at lower pressure.

How would you compensate the lower mechanical action?

  • TIME: Longer cleaning time?
    • Shorter production uptime -> Lower revenue?
    • Higher labor costs?
    • More water?
    • More waste water to be processed?
  • TEMPERATURE: Higher water temperature?
    • More energy used to heat up?
  • CHEMISTRY: More detergent?

100% customized pressure settings

Depending on the kind of dirt that must be cleaned, it is possible to adjust the pressure on Nilfisk FOOD Mainstations and Boosters.

 Define the right pressure for your customer, while keeping in mind the compensations.

Did you know that since 2006, you can define three pressure categories on Nilfisk FOOD Hybrid Mainstations and Boosters, and you can customize the pressure of each category?

  • Low
  • Standard
  • High

By default, on new equipment the pressure values are set to:

  • Standard and High pressure: 25 bar
  • Low pressure: 12 bar

Make it your own way!

It is possible to 100% customize the pressure value of each category, depending on the demand.

Watch our video guide, showing:

  • How to adjust the pressure between the three different categories (Low, Medium and High)
  • How to customize the value of each pressure category

Inverter technology

If the pressure is set tp 20 bar, and there is one user operating the equipment, the pump will slow down, but the pressure will stay constant at 20 bar.

If there are 4 simultaneous users on the equipment, the pump will speed up to supply sufficient water flow to all 4 users, and the pressure will stay constant at 20 bar.  

This is to guarantee constant water pressure, constant high quality cleaning results and energy savings.

Video- Inverter technology, how does it work?

7 Benefits of using Nilfisk FOODs cleaning equipment at optimal pressure (in big majority of cases 25 bar):

  1. Reduction of water and wastewater
  2. Reduction of energy
  3. Reduction of labor costs
  4. Reduction of cleaning time
  5. Extended production uptime
  6. Best technically possible hygienic results
  7. Employee safety
Savings with nilfisk food equipment

What customers are saying?

Ecolab’s customer using 4 Hybrid Satellites in a Sausage Dough room

“Do more in less time”
  1. Shorter rinse time, while improving cleaning results and saving hot water
  2. Cleaning time savings: 25% reduction
  3. Water savings: 612m3 water/year
  4. Energy savings: 3,8 Mvh/year

Ecolab’s European protein customer using Double injector technology and no rinse disinfectant

137,000.00 EUR savings /year
  • Water savings: 2000 m3 8691968
    • Monetary savings: 10.000 EUR/year
  • Energy savings: 105.000 kwh 
    • Monetary savings: 36.000 EUR/year
  • Reduction of cleaning time
    • Hours: 400 hours
    • Monetary value= 21.000 EUR
  • Gained production time:
    • Hours= 400 hours
    • Monetary value= 170.000 EUR

Cocio – One of the World’s biggest dairy producers upgraded the manaul cleaning with Automated technology

“…We see a lot of benefits having the cleaning automated, and there is still much to be gained”

Benefits of using automated cleaning equipment

  • Decreasing cleaning time by 75%
    • 1.5 hour daily
  • Increasing filling uptime by 1.5 hour daily
  • Consistent, high quality hygienic results every time
  • Reducing costs of energy, water, chemicals, and labor costs
  • Improving employee safety – Cocio reached 2000 working days without an occupational accident
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