The spray bar calculator tool is a guidance tool to calculate the adequate number of nozzles to place across a given spray bar for even and satisfactory coverage of the belt width.

Use the following input to modulate until you have a satisfactory solution:

-          Belt width (mm)

-          Length from spray bar to belt (mm)

-          Angle on spray bar (degrees)

-          Spray pattern overlap (%)

-          Spray bar function (drop down list)

-          Nozzle type (drop down list)

If the result in the result line is unsatisfactory, try changing one or more of the factors, which are not static. E.g., Spray pattern or nozzle type.

Did you not find the nozzle type that you wanted?

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For any questions do not hesitate to reach out to:

Mathias Hvims Jeppesen, Product Manager, Automatic Cleaning on mhjeppesen@nilfiskfood.com or info@nilfiskfood.com

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