Aim high with Hybrid 7 Block Technology

November 9, 2022

7 Years after the introduction of the Multiblock (one outlet, up to 3 detergents)
The new HYBRID 7 Block
technology  is launched! 

Increased Simplicity, Reliability and extended production time!

Increased Simplicity

  • ONE block across ALL equipment              
  • 29% component reduction
  • 30% size reduction
  • Smart engineering

Increased Reliability

  • Decreased risk of corrosion 
  • Reduced scaling in hard water areas   
  • Less wearable parts   

Extended Production time

  • Higher rinse volumes
  • Higher cleaning impact
  • Faster cleaning process

Release Plan:

Released: Satellites – Yeti, Eco, Hybrid Compact Pegasus, Griff, Doorway

1/10: Hybrid Satellite

1/11: Hybrid Typhoon

1/1-2023: Penta satellite, all mainstations

?: Hybrid Foamatic

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