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What’s in it for Bones?

With many employees cleaning must be easy and intuitive to secure a uniform cleaning standard every time and every day.

About Bones Restaurant

Bones started 30 years ago with their own receipe for spare ribs. In Aalborg the restaurant houses around 300 guests per evening


Secure, Intuitive and efficient cleaning every day in all restaurants.


With approx. 4000 changing emplyees worldwide it is necessary to have a cleaning procedure which is really intuitive and efficient every time and every day.


Nommo Tap water station makes cleaning uniform every time – it is quicker, better and easier. Furthermore, savings are achieved on Water, Time and Detergents.


47% Water Savings

The Nommo cleaning station has reduced the consumption of water by 47%.

33% Time savings

Time savings as a result of cleaning with the Nommo unit.

45% Detergent savings

Less use of detergents using the Nommo unit.

With the Nommo Tap Water system, the cleanliness and hygiene is secured and I know that I can use my time to focus on the restaurant. The cleaning contributes to peace of mind as the cleaning quality is the same in all restaurants every day and every time.

- A. Lauersen, Project Manager

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Nommo tap water

Nilfisk FOOD Nommo is a cleaning and sanitizing tap water station, which automatically mixes two concentrated products with water.

Two accurately dosed products not only guarantee hygienic environment and consistent cleaning results but what is most important, their separate selectable position eliminate the risk of chemical crossover, spill-over and injuries, making Nommo safe to work with. Centrally located selector switch enables intuitive operation of the station and easy changing between three cleaning function (clean – rinse – sanitize) and it also has integrated ball valve.

Nommo gives high flexibility in the form of applying products on surfaces, depending on the selection of accessory kit, you can either SPRAY detergents or FOAM detergents. Finally, both accessory kits contain a long lance for better rinsing boost and occupational health preventing the end users from bending down.

It’s a real favorite!



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