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30% less water usage

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What’s in It for Sofrimar Kilmore Quay?

30% reduction in the volume of water used per tonne of product processed at two main product lines.

About Sofrimar Kilmore Quay

Sofrimar was established in 1979 to harness the abundant supply of shellfish and whitefish landed at Kilmore Quay.


Sofrimar wanted an efficient and easy cleaning method where they at the same time could save both water and money.


Sofrimar used large quantitites of water every day.


Installing a Centralised Cleaning system solved the cleaning challenges at Sofrimar


30% less water

Water flow rates were reduced from, on average 100L/min, to between 30 and 40L/min. Due to the positive feedback from cleaning staff, these flow rates have been reduced further to between 20 – 30L/min.

Less aerosols

Improved water sprays from the nozzles reduced misting throughout the site which improved the efficiency of the final rinse cleaning step.

The payback on the investment was about 13 months and has resulted in significant annual savings for Sofrimar on their water charges.


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Sofrimar Kilmore Quay

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Crossfarnoge, Kilmore Quay, Co. Wexford, Ireland

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