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Ultramodern Cattle Research Centre use the most innovative cleaning equipment.

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About the Danish Cattle Research Centre

Opened in 2000 with the purpose of having ultramodern facilities for practice-oriented cattle research. Financed by Danish farmers’ organizations. Belongs under the Department of Animal Science, Aarhus University and functions as both a farm and a place of research.

What’s in It for the Research Centre?

Clean and pleasant to work in research facilities


Maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene in the research center.


Find a trustworthy partner with the best know how, offering the most innovative equipment and technical support. 280 cows requires many milking stations that needs to be cleaned thoroughly every day.


The Research Centre partnered with SAC Randers offering the best cleaning solution from CID Lines an Ecolab Company and equipment from Nilfisk FOOD. The facilities looks as clean and hygienic as it looked on the first day when it was opened in 2000.



The premises are very clean and hygienic. It looks great for the eye and makes it pleasant to work at.


The equipment works very well every day and is very easy to use.

The research center looks as clean and hygienic as it was on the first day when it was opened 22 years ago. The stainless steel equipment is still shining

- Ole Lindberg - Owner at SAC Randers

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Hybrid 7 Satellite Pegasus

Nilfisk Hybrid Compact Pegasus satellite is a flexible and cost-efficient hygiene station with the option to use either one or two foam products.

Due to the new Hybrid 7 block technology introduced in the satellite, it is now possible to operate the unit with either one or two foam products. Just flip around the positioning plate inside the unit to change the unit from using one foam product to two foam products.

The satellite is build to set standards and meet the expectation of our customers.

Together with the new Hybrid 7 block technology, the new axle and the new non return valve, an increased user- and service simplicity is achieved. The new block technology secures a reduction of pressure loss, a reduction of restrictions and an increase of the water flow.

Furthermore, a higher rinse volume, faster cleaning process and extended production time are all benefits achieved with the improved Hybrid Compact Pegasus satellite.


The Danish Cattle Research Centre

Aarhus University, Research Centre Foulum

Burrehøjvej 49,
Box 50,
8830 Tjele

+45 8715 0000

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