Changing BF8+ into BF8-P

July 30, 2021

New and updated Inverter technology.

n order to secure the supply of booster units, we have upgraded the BF8+ Inverter with our new Hybrid 7 Technology. The functionality of the new and updated BF8+ unit will  be exactly as the old model, however, the unit with the new inverter technology will now be named BF8-P.

This change will be implemented during week 32. As from this week, it is no longer possible to use the 11KW Lenze inverter for BF8+ units. If you need to order an inverter for a BF8+ unit, it will be possiblte to order an upgrade kit containing everything you need to convert from BF8+ to BF8-P

Please use this item number when ordering the new inverter kit:

Item number: 110007994

On our website, you will find updated documentation like

To make sure that we can deliver our full range,  the 11KW Lenze inverter is now dedicated to Mulit-Boosters from BF16+  to BF48+ and spareparts for these. This means, that when you order a 11KW inverter for a Multibooster unit, we will ask you to use our online claim system, and provide serial number of the unit in question.

Should you need any further information on the above, do not hesitate to contact us on or call us on: +45 2969 5100.

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