Your Hybrid 7 Remote Connectivity Solution

Lets keep an eye on things for you!

NAVIGATOR is the latest Hybrid 7 REMOTE Connectivity innovation from Nilfisk FOOD.

A cutting-edge web-based connectivity program for all Nilfisk FOOD Single Booster and Mainstations. Offering remote connection to your cleaning unit ANYWHERE, ANYTIME.

Remote Access, Connectivity & Monitoring  - Connect from any computer

With NAVIGATOR, connecting to your Nilfisk FOOD Hybrid 7 unit has never been easier.

Upon connection, the NAVIGATOR program grants instant remote access to your unit, allowing technicians to carry out swift diagnosis and configuration adjustments remotely from any computer.

Similar to the familiar interface of TeamViewer, the NAVIGATOR program authorizes technicians to remotely access your machine settings and keep an eye on your machines from ANYWHERE, ANYTIME.

Whether on site or miles away, the NAVIGATOR program keeps you connected, providing real-time insights into vital parameters like, water temperature, inlet pressure and outlet pressure.

Need assistance with machine settings or troubleshooting? -No need for initial on-site visits

With the NAVIGATOR web Program, technicians can fine tune all machine settings remotely.

Simply grant access to the technician, and they will handle the rest. No need for initial on-site visits, we are here to support your remotely, always ensuring a smooth operation.

Want to Minimize downtime and Maximize Productivity? -Instant error detection 

The NAVIGATOR program is your guard and safety against potential operational issues. Providing instant error detection by means of real time error alerts and diagnostics, the NAVIGATOR program ensures that you stay ahead of any potential disruptions, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Say goodbye to unexpected disruptions and hello to worry free operations with NAVIGATOR!


Initially the NAVIGATOR tool is available for all Hybrid 7 single pump units and mainstations. The remaining Hybrid 7 portfolio will follow soon!

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