Hybrid 7 – SUSTAINABILITY – Do you want cost-effective and sustainable cleaning solutions?

October 10, 2023

The introduction of the new Hybrid 7 technology in all Nilfisk FOOD Main-stations and Booster units is a significant step forward in helping our distributors and end-customers achieving those goals.

1.   Efficiency: The Hybrid 7 technology offers improved cleaning and hygienic results in production facilities while using approximately 47% less water and 46% less detergent compared to standard cleaning equipment in the market.

2.   Speed: The new technology allows for cleaning to be completed 55% faster compared to using standard equipment, which can help extend uptime and improve operational efficiency.

3.   Energy savings: The Hybrid 7 inverter enables significant energy savings, with approximately 70% less energy consumed when the equipment is in standby mode, compared to earlier Nilfisk FOOD models and industry standards.

4.   Sustainability: As sustainability becomes a key driver for customers when choosing cleaning equipment, the Hybrid 7 equipment from Nilfisk FOOD provides a sustainable cleaning solution.

The benefits of the Hybrid 7 technology in terms of efficiency, speed, and sustainability fully aligns with current industry requirements and customer preferences for sustainable cleaning solutions.


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