Improved Phoenix Mix10

April 29, 2021

In relation to the launch of Hybrid Penta, we have taken the
opportunity to further improve the Phoenix Mix10. The improvements mean that we have adopted the
platform from the Phoenix Mix25, meaning:

  • Allen-Bradley PLC with more inputs and outputs – i.e. low level chemical warning/alarm through
    suction lance with two-level sensor
  • Allen-Bradley display
  • Frequency inverted Grundfos pump CRNE 5-6 4,0kW
  • Fewer electrical components – start/stop via pressure switch (optional flow switch and pressure
    sensitive switch can be purchased)
  • New and smaller Dosatron with capacity of 3 m3/h, 50 l/min

The improvements mean that we can secure an even pressure and flow securing an optimal foam quality.
With the frequency inverted pump the pressure can also be adjusted up to overcome differences in
height and length of pipe line.

By adopting the same platform as the Phoenix Mix25, it will be possible to upgrade the Phoenix Mix10
should the requirement for number of users change in the future. By swopping the Dosatron from D3 to
D8, you will be able to go from a Mix10 to a Mix25.

By the implementation of the improved Phoenix Mix10, Phoenix Inline portfolio will go end-of-life
(item no. 119000261-119000266).

Phoenix Mix10 is available as of today 29th May 2019.

Mix10 Dosatron 1-5% AF    itemno: 119000623
Mix10 Dosatron 1-5% VF    itemno:
Mix10 Dosatron 0,2-2% AF itemno: 119000625
Mix10 Dosatron 0,2-2% VF itemno:

Suction hose for Dosatron D8

We now have the possibility to offer a longer suction hose for Dosatron D8 dosing pumps. The suction
hose can be purchased in desired length, however, maximum 4 meters in length per dosing pump.

Item no. : 110006788
EUR 22,00 per meter

Flow limiting
nozzles for Hybrid Penta

As a standard Hybrid Penta is supplied with Ø1,8 mm flow limiting nozzles. Optional a 2,4 mm and 2,9
mm flow limiting nozzle can be purchased.

Item no. and flow rates are listed below:

110005784 – 1,8 mm has a flow of 4,8 l/min at 8 bar
110006019 – 2,4 mm has a flow of 7,1 l/min
at 8 bar
110006687 – 2,9 mm has a flow of 9,8 l/min at 8 bar

Should you need any further information do not hesitate to
Nilfisk FOOD.

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