Introduction of FOAM-iT Products

June 8, 2023

Last year it was announced that Nilfisk FOOD entered into a Distribution Cooperation with US based company FOAM-iT.
After several busy months, and involvement of various stakeholders, we are now proud to share that FOAM-iT equipment, accessories and spare parts are on stock at our warehouse in Aalborg and we are ready to process your orders.
All FOAM-iT products can be found on the website under category Air Driven. To start with, Nilfisk FOOD’s portfolio comprise of selected products for the Food & Beverage, Retail, Institutional markets where the most well-known include:

  1. Mobyfoams
  2. Automated filling stations and Mobyspray unit developed specifically for Ecolab
  3. Manual pump up foam units and spray units

On top of the already well positioned products, we have also included several innovations, that are hitting the US market, but are having its debut in other regions:

  1. Footwear sanitizing systems preventing cross contamination from foot traffic in entry ways, transition zones and  HACCP areas
  2. Drain foaming attachments – Innovative foam cleaning technology for drains with 360° contact along pipe walls for maximum sanitation

Each and every FOAM-iT product has gotten its unique Nilfisk FOOD item number, and EBS number used in selected countries, therefore please use those numbers when ordering your products.

At the same time we would like to thank our partners at FOAM-iT and colleagues at Ecolab for the big support in getting this cooperation up and running.   

For more information, please visit our website, or feel free to contact us directly – We are here to help you.

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