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Launching Hybrid 7 to our European Ecolab Partners

October 20, 2023

 Within the last couple of weeks, a Nilfisk FOOD duo, consisting of Flemming Asp, R&D Director and Torben Ginge, Sales and Marketing Director, has set out on an exiting European tour to unveil the innovative Hybrid 7 Technology to our European partners.
The training attracted participants from UK/Ireland and the duo made stops and visited Ecolab facilities in both Germany and France to carry out a Hybrid 7 launch and training for the local teams. Within the next couple of weeks, the team will continue the Hybrid 7 launch tour in Europe and the Nordics.
Sales and engineering teams from Ecolab were part of this training, during which they received an in-depth introduction to the Hybrid 7 innovations with a focus on the game changing Hybrid 7 connectivity.
“Thanks to everyone who participated and made the visit a success”, Torben Ginge, Sales & Marketing Director, Nilfisk FOOD.

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