Meet Hybrid Purflex – Your new favourite hose

June 8, 2023

We meant it, when we said things were about to get GRAYZY.

Our new GRAY colored Hybrid Purflex hose delivers crazy good performance.

With both an improved outer and inner layer and the addition of silver ions, this is a cleaner, safer, more durable and more efficient hose.

Clean and shiny highlights

The Nilfisk FOOD exclusive Hybrid Purflex hose comes with a great list of features and benefits.

Here are some of the highlights.

  • Setting the gold standard with silver ions

Due to antibacterial Silver Ions Technology, the hose is protected against any germs and bacteria.

  • Resistancy you can’t resist

Heat resistant, oil resistant, wear resistant and a proven better chemical resistance than any other hose.
The Hybrid Purflex handles just about anything you put it through.

  • In it for the long run

While maintaining the same measurements as the previous Purflex hoses, the Hybrid Purflex is both more durable and flexible.

You can find all the technical specifications in the attached product sheet.

The critics love it After thoroughly testing the Hybrid Purflex hose, we have received the following feedback from our collaborators in the industry: 
“After nine months of extensive use with alkaline and acid products, the Hybrid Purflex hose looks like the first day!
We’re very impressed by its resilience and value.”
“Twenty months in, and we’ve noticed that the new Hybrid Purflex hoses are functioning within optimal parameters.
Heck, they even look spotless!”
“Thinking it couldn’t do better than our previous Purflex setup, we were surprised how the new, Hybrid Purflex hoses, not only worked without any malfunctions, but surpassed its predecessor’s chemical resistance values by a wide margin.”

Order your new GRAY Hybrid Purflex NOW!

Introducing the NEW and improvedGRAY Hybrid Purflex Hose, available by the end of week 25.
The new and improved gray Hybrid Purflex hose will completely replace the previous blue Purflex hose by the end of June 2019

Order your new GRAY Hybrid Purflex hose NOW!

Same price for the rest of 2019

Keeping it simple  – The price of the new and improved Hybrid Purflex Hoses will remain the same as the previous Purflex hoses –  FOR THE REST of 2019!.

 Should you need any further information aboute the new GRAY Hybrid Purflex Hose do not hesitate to contact Nilfisk FOOD.

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