Meet our new interns

June 8, 2023

For the next few months two ambitious interns: Lucía San José Mendo and Ruth Alemayehu Christiansen will apply their newest theory and put hands on various tasks within digital marketing at Nilfisk FOOD.

Lucia studies Master in Digital Marketing and has strong skills in Search Engine Optimization from the Universidad Internacional de la Rioja and Ruth is studying International Sales and Marketing at UCN in Aalborg and have a great interest in the digital marketing area.

A lot is happening at Nilfisk FOOD!
From entering new markets, engineering new product technologies
and introducing new materials to inspiring customers to optimize their cleaning processes and food safety around the world.

We will therefore be very busy thinking out of the box and developing content that we trust you will benefit from.

We warmly welcome Ruth and Lucia to Nilfisk FOOD:)

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