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The Nilfisk FOOD drain foaming attachments for disinfecting floor drains give 360° contact along pipe walls with foam. Humid and dark environment of drains together with leftover food create a favourable environment for growing pathogens and biofilm.

Benefits of floor drains disinfection:

  • Prevent food born ilnesses
  • Prevent hospital-acquired infections in the Healthcare sector
  • Odor control
  • Control fruit flies and other pests connected to drains

All drain foaming attachments for floor drains are compatible with Nilfisk FOOD and Foam-iT equipment with pressure 8-25 bar (116 – 362 Psi)


DFA Datasheet
DFA Usermanual
DFA-TR7 Datasheet
DFA-TR7 Usermanual
F1.5 Usermanual
F1.5 Datasheet

Available models

Model Description Item Number EBS no.
DFA-TR7 Drain foaming attachment – trench Round brush for trench drains 110006252 10052144
DFA Drain foaming attachment – double 2in1 SS disc & rubber stop to plug directly to drains 110006479 10053182
DFA-SQ13 Drain foaming attachment – square 2in1 SS square & rubber stop to plug directlyy to drains 110007055 10054424
SINK drain disinfection
F1.5-DP3.75 Drain foaming unit 1.5L for sink drains 110006253
Drain foaming unit 5 L with heavy duty gun 110007492
Plunger for Drain foaming unit 5 L 110007991
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