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Hybrid compact pegasus mainstation Ecolab

Ecolab Hybrid Compact Pegasus Mainstation-P – with new and improved inverter – is a flexible, cost efficient hygiene station that operates in two or three modes allowing rinsing, foam cleaning and/or  disinfection of the cleaning areas. Integrated in the block the patented Corona Technology injects air into the water stream over a bigger surface and at a higher speed, resulting in better mix of air, compound and water that generates approx. 20% more foam.

Thanks to the integrated water outlet it can be used effectively as a standalone cleaning station but it can also be equipped with additional satellites allowing max. 4 simultaneous users on one unit. The Hybrid Compact Pegasus Mainstation is smart and self-protecting as it has  integrated dry run protector and automatic turn-off mode (if selected) after a specific period of inactivity (defined and programmed by the customer). The unit is also energy efficient thanks to the configuration possibility of the water pump. Available with an ABS cover.

The new and improved inverter, which is temperature secured, automatically turns down the speed of the pump in case of overheating.


Directions for use 110008408F
Inverter replacement Kit Manual 110008089G
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Software manual Control Panel for Pegaus-P units 110007942A
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Software for DISPLAY v5.221
Software for upgrade TOOL FWU V200
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Available models

Model Description Item Number EBS no.
MD421 2 products & 1 air injector, rinse/foam/spray 110003271 10033216
MD422 2 products & 2 air injectors, rinse/foam/foam 110003287 10033218
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