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Nilfisk FOOD Hybrid Foamatic Mainstation is a complete unit for automatic cleaning with up to three different products, giving maximum flexibility of product choice. The unit has a frequency controlled pump, that guarantee an even water flow.  Depending on the model, the PLC can control 9 or 10 external valves. The unit is also available without integrated PLC for connection to external PLC.

As standard, the Hybrid Foamatic comes with a 300 l. injector. Other injector sizes are also available. In- and outlet of the unit is with flanges, enabling easy connection into the piping system. Counter-parts for welding onto pipework of the factory are included as standard.

The optional manual outlet is with Corona Technology.


Directions for use 110005324XY
Product sheet
User Guide 110005325
Recommended Spare parts
Spare part list 110005327
Technical specifications
Service check list
Software manual 110005326K
Software display V11014
Software PLC
Software TOOL
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SD card MA2CX
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Valve external for Automated solutions

Nozzle bars & Spray Bar Calculator Tool

rotating nozzle stainless steeel

Rotating nozzles

Extensions for Hybrid Foamatic

Injector kits


Available models

Model Description Item Number
MA2 Mainstation Automatic, 2 chemicals 110004318
MA3 Mainstation Automatic, 3 chemicals 110004320
MA2M Mainstation Automatic, 2 chemicals, with manual outlet (DuoBlock rinse/foam/spray) 110004322
MA3M Mainstation Automatic, 3 chemicals, with manual outlet (DuoBlock rinse/foam/spray) 110004324
MA2C 110004317
MA3C 110004319
MA2CM 110004321
MA3CM 110004323
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