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Nilfisk FOOD Pre-diluted mix stations mix detergents with water in a buffer tank located outside of the food production facilities.The Mix Stations are available in four standard versions all with 200L buffertanks for maximum 10 or 25 simultaneous users, giving 50 or 120L/min at 7 bar. Available in two versions for Alcaline AF or Acid VF detergents.
Both versions have built in digital display showing pressure as well as easy to read warnings and errors. Start and stop functions are entirely pressure controlled.Dosing pumps incorporated in the units have a very accurate dosing and can handle dosing between 0,2-2% or 1-5%.


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Available models

Model Description Item Number EBS no.
Mix25 Dosatron 1-5% AF 119000599 10051925
Mix25 Dosatron 1-5% VF 119000598 10051924
Mix25 Dosatron 0.2-2% AF 119000597 10051927
Mix25 Dosatron 0.2-2% VF 119000596 10051926
Mix10 Dosatron 1-5%AF 119000623 10053050
Mix10 Dosatron 1-5%VF 119000624 10053052
Mix10 Dosatron 0.2-2%AF 119000625 10053053
Mix10 Dosatron 0.2-2%VF 119000626 10053054
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