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“Sustainability – such a waste of time”

September 27, 2023

This is a statement you will never hear from Nilfisk FOOD.

We believe that even the smallest initiatives in our everyday workday can make a change and have an impact.

We are excited to share our personal efforts and achievements in promoting sustainability within our production company.

 As global citizens, we recognize the importance of taking actions that safeguard our environment for future generations. Let’s move towards a greener and more sustainable future together!


1. Recycling Program

We are proud to announce the implementation of a comprehensive recycling program in both our office and production premises. Placed strategically throughout our workspace, recycling bins make it convenient for everyone to dispose paper, plastic, and other recyclable materials.


2. Energy-Efficient

Saving energy not only reduces costs but also minimizes our carbon footprint. We encourage all employees to switch off lights, computers, and other electrical equipment when not in use. Additionally, replacing traditional lighting with LED bulbs has been effective in reducing energy consumption. When replacing old electrical units like kitchen supplies, we always go for the lowest energy consumption class available.


3. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle:

Encouraging a reduction in single-use items, we promote the use of

reusable water bottles, coffee cups and recycled paper for our copy machines.


4. Responsible Supply

We are committed to help distributors and customers achieve cost effective and sustainable cleaning while improving the environment. Having introduced our new Hybrid 7 technology on all our cleaning units, we have reduced the consumption of water and detergent by almost 50%. Moreover, our new Hybrid 7 components like our Hybrid 7 inverter, saves approx. 70% of energy when in stand-by mode.


5. Diversity and Inclusion:

Hiring employees of various gender and nationalities have enriched our company culture.

A global perspective helps us adapt to changing marked demands, and different perspectives and ideas leads to increased innovation and creativity. Diversity helps us adapt to changing marked demands and identify new sustainable business opportunities, which are essential for sustainable growth.

 Could we do more?

 Yes – but let’s continue taking small steps that lead to significant changes.

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