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Ultramodern Cattle Research Centre use ergonomic udder teat foamer.

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About the Danish Cattle Research Centre

Opened in 2000 with the purpose of having ultramodern facilities for practice-oriented cattle research. Financed by Danish farmers’ organizations. Belongs under the Department of Animal Science, Aarhus University and functions as both a farm and a place of research.

What’s in It for the Research Centre?

Best cleaning solutions for the udder cleaning that influence the wellbeing of the cows, and the occupational health of the milkers.


Get the best cleaning solution for cleaning cows udder.


The process of foaming the udders of 280 cows twice a day by squeezing a dip cup is very painful for hands. Challenge is to find a trustworthy partner with the best know how, offering the most innovative cleaning equipment and technical support.


The Research Centre partnered with SAC Randers offering the best cleaning solution from CID Lines an Ecolab Company and equipment from Foam it. The milkers are relieved from the pain in hands so they can focus on the milking process instead. The cows udders are healthy which better stimulates the milk.


No Pain

The new teat foamer relieved the milkers from the pain of squeezing the plastic dip cups 2240 times a day.

Easy to Mount

The control box is extremely easy to mount. It saves us a lot of working time compared to the previous equipment we used.

The milkers are so happy because they are relieved from the pain in hands. Imagine how much it hurts to squeeze a plastic bottle 2240 times a day.

- Ole Lindberg - Owner at SAC Randers

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Teat foam units

Teat foamers are specifically designed to ensure udder health at dairy farms.

Available in two versions: portable version or wall mounted version. Both versions are used for pre-dip prior to milking, and post-dip to prevent infections, mastitis and condition of the skin. It also maximize udder stimulation that improves the flow of milk.


The Cattle Farm Research Center – Teat foamer

Aarhus University, Research Centre Foulum
+45 8715 0000

Burrehøjvej 49, Box 50, 8830 Tjele

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