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Teat foamers are specifically designed to ensure udder health at dairy farms.

Available in two versions: portable version or wall mounted version. Both versions are used for pre-dip prior to milking, and post-dip to prevent infections, mastitis and condition of the skin. It also maximize udder stimulation that improves the flow of milk.


Wall mounted PTF-NV - Usermanual
Manual F100-TF Usermanual
Manual F100-TF - Data sheet


1/4″ red/blue twin tube


Available models

Model Description Item Number EBS no.
PTF-NV Wall mounted teat foam unit 110006654 10052148
T100-TF Teat foam unit 110006254
PTF-NV-NF-ECOEU Wall mounted teat foamer with accessories (Ecolab Agri) 110008271
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