How to mitigate the risk related to listeria by having an effective open plant cleaning plan?

June 8, 2023

Listeria is mainly spread by:
– People
– Aerosols
– Water
– Wheels, Racks

An Effective Open Plant Cleaning plan with lower pressure foam cleaning technology is one of the key elements to mitigate the risk related to listeria.  

– Lower pressure technology (10 – 40 bar) produces less aerosols compared to a high-pressure system. Aerosols can potentially move listeria into the air handling system. When being turned on, it can spread listeria across the whole production facility.

– Approx. 35% better cleaning efficiency vs. high pressure

– Wider cleaning impact zone (75 cm vs. 55 cm)

– Only 10% temperature loss compared to 44,3% temperature loss using high pressure cleaning technology.

– Foam increases the contact time of detergents with objects that better penetrates soil and delivers better cleaning results

– Nilfisk FOOD’s lower pressure cleaning equipment range consists of various solutions (Automatic, Decentralized, Centralized, Tap water, Air driven and Mobile) to satisfy the most demanding needs of each Food and Beverage industry and OEMs

The Sinner circle for Open Plant Cleaning consists of four main areas: Temperature, Time, Mechanics and Chemistry.
The lower pressure foam cleaning technology directly boost the first three elements delivering the best technically possible cleaning result and allows the reduction of detergent.

Read our blog “Low pressure vs. High pressure” for more details with test results :

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