New Exploded Drawing Ramex AV3500

December 9, 2020

NEW reference numbers

Please be aware that the new Ramex Exploded drawing AV3500 has been changed.
Nilfisk FOODs item numbers are unchanged, but the numbers on the drawing has been changed and are referring to other item nos than previously.

See this overview of the new reference numbers:

Item no:Ramex no: Description:
1100022527Horizontal roller, 87 mm
1100022536Vertical rod
1100022545Horizontal rod
11000225526Vertical roller, 97 mm
1100022568Plastic hub
110002257KIT 94Main spring complete
11000225812 (RC10)Plastic ratchet
11000225923Ratchet spring
1100022619 (KIT CR1)Plastic rack
11000226225 (KIT 10 new)Bushing seal
11000226324Swivel joint
11000613617 (RC20)Ratchet screw + nut M10

Non return valve material
– from stainless steel to plastic

To obtain easier cleaning and maintenance – the material of the stainless steel chemical non return valve (item no 110002522) for Nommo, NAGA and Griff has been changed from stainless steel to plastic.

The stainless steel non return valve will be obsolete as of 1st June 2019.

Besides being easier to clean and maintain, the plastic valve also handles chlorine products much better than the stainless steel version.

The NEW item no of the NEW plastic non return valve is: 110004434

Hose coupling From 1st June 2019  the Hose couplings 669500 ½” male (66950000+66950001 – sleeve and spigot) and 669600 ½” female (66960000+66950001 – sleeve and spigot) are completely made of stainless steel.

This is mainly done in order to improve the lifetime of the couplings.

– both hose couplings are applicable for all ½” hoses.

When ordering – the item numbers will remain unchanged.

Should you need any further information on the above subjects do not hesitate to contact Nilfisk FOOD sales department.

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