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Ecolab Cerberus/Doorway sanitation system is a hygienic stainless steel wall mounted sanitation unit, operating via a nozzle system in floor height. The nozzle system sprays out a pre-mixed solution of water and detergent/disinfection across a doorway at a pre-set interval. The water and detergent is mixed into a high quality foam which clings to e.g. boots and machinery wheels crossing the doorway.
Due to a very easily operated programming module/timer, it is possible, on-site, and in short time,to pre-set the time and intervals of the foam disinfection to accomodate your facilitys particular traffic patterns.
The programming module/timer secures an automatic, steady and reliable foam disinfection performance.


Directions for use 110003775U
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V208 Cerberus Airspexx Disp.
Software upgrade TOOL FWU V200



Available models

Model Description Item Number EBS no.
SC Cerberus/Doorway sanitation system 110003423 10033215
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