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Ecolab Hybrid Foamatic Satellite is a complete unit for automatic cleaning. The unit needs to be connected to pressurized water. The satellite can operate with up to three different products. Depending on the model, the PLC can control 9 or 10 external valves. The unit is also available without
integrated PLC for connection to external PLC.
As standard, the Hybrid Foamatic comes with a 300 l. injector. Different injector sizes are also available.
Inlet and outlet of the unit is with flanges enabling easy mounting into the piping system. Counter-parts for welding onto pipework of the factory are included as standard.


Directions for use 110004669ZF
Product sheet
User guide 110005325
Recommended spare parts
Software manual
Diagram slave
Software display V11014
Software PLC
Software changes log PLC V11014
Software changes log TOOL
SD card SA2CX
SD card SA3CX


Valve external for Automated solutions

Nozzle bars & Spray Bar Calculator Tool

rotating nozzle stainless steeel

Rotating nozzles

Injector kits

Extensions for Hybrid Foamatic


Available models

Model Description Item Number EBS no.
SA2 Satellite automatic, 2 chemicals 110004310 10039528
SA3 Satellite automatic, 3 chemicals 110004312 10039533
SA2M Satellite automatic, 2 chemicals, with manual outlet (duoblock rinse/foam/spray) 110004314 10039537
SA3M Satellite automatic, 3 chemicals, with manual outlet (duoblock rinse/foam/spray) 110004316 10039541
SA2C 110004309 10039525
SA3C 110004311 10039531
SA2CM 110004313 10039534
SA3CM 110004315 10039540
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