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What is Hybrid 7 – The New Norm of Cleaning?

September 4, 2023

At Nilfisk FOOD we take pride in being a pioneer and trendsetter within the world of industrial hygiene. Therefore, we are proud to introduce a new cutting-edge technology – the Hybrid 7 – to help food and beverage producers be more productive and competitive.

Hybrid 7 – THE NEW NORM of foam cleaning

Innovation Built on 7 Core Components

Nilfisk FOOD has spent years developing and testing this new technology based on the success and outstanding performance of the Hybrid line. Now it is finally here: The Hybrid 7.

Hybrid 7 is built on 7 core components, grouped into three main categories: Electronics, Software, and Mechanics. Each component delivers value on its own, but when connected and when connected to internet it enables digitalization of the cleaning industry.

7 Benefits of Hybrid 7

For further information, please visit our website: www.nilfiskfood.com

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