Yeti Joins the Hybrid Family

August 12, 2022

From 1st July 2022, the Yeti unit will be delivered in a new cabinet
(same as the Hybrid ECO). It will have the same functionality as the current model, but will be the first unit supplied with the new Hybrid7 block.
The “New” Yeti will have the following item numbers, and all relevant information will be available on our webpage at

Hybrid Yeti TW # 110007172
Hybrid Yeti PD  # 110007173
Hybrid Yeti HP  # 110007174

In the following months, the rest of our satellites and mainstations will be changing to the new Hybrid Block technology, (no change in item numbers ). The functionality will be the same, but it will be prepared for some of the new features being introduced in the future.

How can you tell the difference?

All equipment with the new block technology will have a Grey selector button instead of the current blue one.

grey knob

With the introduction of this new block a number of improvements have been made, but the basic functionality is the same.

The improvements are:

  • All blocks will have the same footprint, using the same parts making service and spares easier to handle.
  • The footprint of the block itself will be more compact.
  • Same connections on all blocks, inlet/outlet
  • New improved water non-return valve (for water possibility) for more flow
  • New 2/2 air-valve to match the block
  • New injectors and chemical non-return valves in PPS material. This has been tested for several years and has shown to reduce scaling and the maintenance required on the injectors and non-return valves. All injectors will be threaded for easier service and replacement
  • Possibility to add pressure sensors to the block
  • New axle, increasing the diameter from 8mm to 10mm will reduce pressure loss and increase the flow in the block
  • Grey selector knob, added strength from 9mm to 16mm

The plan for introducing the Hybrid7 block is:

1st July 2022 – Yeti, Doorway Griff and SD satellites
1st September 2022 – SU Satellites, all MD and MU mainstations
TBA – Eco/Penta/Foamatics/Special

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