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Frequently Asked Questions - Hybrid 7 Product line

Find the answers to all your Hybrid 7 related faqs!

FAQ 1. Where can I download the Hybrid 7 software?

It is possible to download all available software from our website, Therefore, please go to:




FAQ 2. Can I see an error log directly on the Hybrid 7 Display?

Yes – formerly, you had to download an error log. However, now it is possible to read the error description and remedy directly on the Hybrid 7 display.



FAQ 3. Can I upgrade my current Nilfisk FOOD Hybrid equipment to Hybrid 7?

Well, it depends on the type and model of your current equipment e.g.

Single Boosters Hybrid Floor and Wall (BF4-P, BF8-P, BW7-P):  These units are all upgradeable. Just by purchasing the Hybrid 7 Multicontroller (contact info@nilfiskfood.com for item number)

Mainstations Hybrid – P (MU421 and MU 422): These units are all upgradable. However, due to complexity this is not recommendable.

Hybrid Foamatic Mainstation and Satellite:  It will be possible to upgrade to Hybrid 7 later this year. Just by downloading the new Hybrid 7 software.



FAQ 4. How does Hybrid Line differ from Hybrid 7?

Firstly, the Hybrid 7 line has a built in Hybrid 7 inverter, multicontroller and display. These enables connectivity, remote support, and sustainability by saving approx. 70% of energy mainly in standby mode. Besides that, it also has the Hybrid 7 block, with the well known Corona Foam technology.

Secondly, the Hybrid Line also has the Corona Foam technology in the block. Howerver, it has a standard inverter, multicontroller and display, thus does not support connectivity and remote support.



FAQ 5. Can we still order standard Hybrid line equipment?

No - We only produce and deliver Hybrid 7 equipment with the new Hybrid 7 inverter, block and display.



FAQ 6. How do I connect to my Hybrid 7 unit from my mobile phone?

You can download the Nilfisk FOOD Hybrid 7 app directly from App Store or Google Play.

Go to: https://play.google.com/store/games?device=windows





FAQ 7. Can we order spare parts for standard Hybrid line equipment?

YES! Sure you can!

Obviously, we continue to support all standard Hybrid line equipment with spare parts for a period of 10 years.



FAQ 8. No communication between display and Inverter?

  1. Remove cover from inverter
  2. Disconnect the display switch
  3. Reconnect the display switch
  4. Reapply inverter cover
  5. Test that the connection between display and inverter has been re-established.

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