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Ecolab Airspexx DS is a unit for dispensing using Airspexx disinfectant. Airspexx is spread in the room like aerosoles through an air nozzle.

The Airspexx atomizes the active substance which is rapidly mixed with the ambient air, creating safe, sinsistent control of airvorne micro organisms.

The dosing system is designed to draw product directly from the product container thereby eleminating the need of desanting or pre-mixing product solutions.

The Airspexx DS is available as hand held, wall mounted or mounted on a trolley.


Directions for use English edt 110002974F
Bedienungsanleitung Deutch edt. 110008307A
Software manual 110002829C


Accessories kit 110003307

Accessory kits


Available models

Model Description Item Number EBS no.
DS1 RMT mounted on plast trolley 110002596 10019147
DS1 SST mounted on stainless steel trolley 110002972 10019153
DS2 mounted on wall 110002915 10019159
DS2 HH mounted on hand hold frame 110002973 10019160
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