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The series consists of three mobile foam units, with tank capacities of 10G/ 37 L, 20G – 75 L and 30G- 113 L (shown from the left on the picture above), offer an ergonomic solution for the cleaning of food production areas.

The easy to manouvre trolley with integrated hose rack is equipped with an air operated diaphragm pump to generate visible foam. This means that the tank containing the cleaning product is not pressureised which enables additional filling during operation.

The units are practically maintenance free and operation is easy by means of a single adjustment control for compressed air. The hinged back plate provides tool-free access to components.

If spray application of detergents is preferred over foam, two spray tanks with capacity of 10G/ 37 L, 20G – 75 L are available.
Spray unit doesn’t introduce air into the cleaning product, but still use air to power the pump.

Pump seals on all models are as standard made of Santoprene (EPDM). Pump seals with Viton or Kalrez seals are available.


FI-10N – 10G foam tank user manual
FI-10N – 10G foam tank data sheet
FI-20N – 20G foam tank user manual
FI-20N – 20G foam tank data sheet
FI-30N – 30G foam tank user manual
FI-30N – 30G foam tank data sheet
All 3 foam tanks data sheet
SP-10N- 10G spray tank user manual
SP-10N- 10G spray tank data sheet
SP-20N - 20G spray tank user manual
SP-20N - 20G spray tank data sheet



Available models

Model Description Item Number
FI-10N FOAMTANK 10 G 110006666
FI-20N FOAMTANK 20 G 110006670
FI-30N FOAMTANK 30 G 110006671
SP-10N SPRAYTANK 10 G Ask sales:
SP - 20N SPRAYTANK 20 G 110006992
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