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Hybrid Typhoon is a complete mobile hygiene station for cleaning of open plant surfaces within various applications within the Food and Beverage industry. Hybrid Typhoon is equipped with the DuoBlock, which allows 2 detergents, one of which could be mixed. The mobile design allows reaching and cleaning every corner of your food production premises.

The Typhoon has an integrated water pump supplying a water pressure of 25 bar/ 305 psi. It has built-in security with dry-run protection and temperature protection.


Directions for use 110004487ZL
How to change the Display from 25 bar to 40 bar mode
Product sheet
Technical specifications
Service check list
Addendum to Hybrid Typhoon CRNE 1-27 3x380-500V 50/60Hz


Hybrid Typhoon Display v1.04


Hybrid Typhoon & Hybrid Typhoon Medium Pressure

Change log:

Version Changes Released
1.04 Both Ecolab and Nilfisk variants are now available. Different software but same functionality.
1.03 Phase sequence detection implemented, for detection of correct function of compressor.
1.02 Readout of software version possible when OK button is pressend and unitis in “OFF” (red button). Minor bug fixes.
1.01 Version number changed so that it is possible to differentiate between no communication and version 1.00
1.00 Initial version of software.

Software Upgrade Tool FWU v200


Valid for the following models:

Hybrid-P Multi Booster BF16, BF24, BF32
Hybrid Typhooon & Hybrid Typhoon Medium Pressure

Change log:

Version Changes Released


Accessories kit 110003307

Accessory kits

Typhoon – Lance

Water inlet hose 10m/32 ft


Available models

Model Description Item Number
MT Typhoon with compressor, 50Hz 110004510
MT Typhoon with compressor, 50Hz and user pack 110004511
MT Typhoon with compressor, 60Hz 110004516
MT Typhoon with compressor, 60 Hz and user pack 110004517
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